Charts are the epitome of economic movements, the records of history, the cues to the future, the pictorial stories of the originating events the reflection of the collective decisions, the powerful and faithful represntation of the numbers and mathmatics behind it.
The propritary tools, methologies and analytical philosophies imparted by HarpCharts are the model of 30 years experience of market & sector research and macro/micro economic analysis.
HarpCharts teaches you to navigate all aspects of charts with direction, confidence and decipline, to recongize the economical and sector rotational factors behind each pivotal turn-point in the charts, to identify the drivers propelled by economic alternation, policy shift and industry supply & demand changes that underpin each characteristic chart movement and to make informed decisions in your journey of understanding.


knowledge acquiring is a methodical process that demands not only hardwork and detemrination, but also a decent level of competency, discernment and judgement in finding the best path to acquire such knowledge and experience.
Learn the best approach, it will experdite your journey of acquiring knowledge.


knowledge is incomplete without discipline, knowledge without dicipline is like a sophisticated machinery without proper control system; The key difference between a trained and an untrained mind is the level of control and dicipline over the person's decision-making process, learn to be diciplined and achieve mastery of the situation.

Basic Membership

Build the foundation of analysis and research thesis and frameworks.

Advanced Membership

Apply structural techniques to sectors and market elements.

Premium Membership

Devise directional plan for targeted sectors and market movements.